Finding great roles for talented people.

We take the time to understand your experience and motivations, listening to what you want to achieve in your career, and more broadly. Matching candidates to the right opportunities is our prime motivator – as we want you and your new employer to thrive. Our unrivalled knowledge of the businesses that we serve means that finding the right ‘fit’ is what we do. And whilst the role is central, we can also help and provide insight about the international locations involved.

Registering with us is the first step.

Our experience.



Having previously assembled entire Internal Audit departments, KPP offers a wealth of knowledge within the specialism of Internal Audit. We have extensive experience in sourcing professionals for Internal Audit teams on a global scale. The KPP team understands the sensitive nature of these integral departments within our clients’ organisations, and has built an excellent track record sourcing people with the relevant soft skills and depth of technical knowledge for a diverse range of businesses. We cover:

  • Internal Audit (Financial/Operational)
  • IT Audit
  • Data Analytics for Internal Audit
  • ERP Systems Specialists for Internal Audit

Risk Management

Risk Management is an area increasing in demand every year. We find the approach from company to company differs greatly, but one factor is consistent: strong Risk Management people are hard to find. We have the resources, network and skills to find specialist Risk Management professionals across all areas of the Risk spectrum and across all regions of the globe, including:

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Technology Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Conduct Risk


Closely aligned with Audit and Risk, we understand that the Compliance function is at the core of any sizeable business. KPP represents a strong network of specialists within Compliance, who elevate the standard and performance of their organisation. Within Compliance we include:

  • Internal Controls
  • Fraud and Investigations
  • Financial Crime
  • Anti-Corruption/Anti Money Laundering (AML)

Candidate process - what you can expect.

1. Register:

Tell us about yourself – your experience and motivations.

2. Search:

Explore our Jobs online whilst we consider less obvious opportunity offline.

3. Apply:

Tell us why the job is for you, and make the case to our client.

4. Interview:

Your opportunity to explore – and nail – the role.

5. Contract:

The fine detail – tailored to you – with us by your side throughout.

A single point of contact throughout

We appreciate clarity and transparency. Whilst the candidate process is straightforward, our aim is to get the very best from you – by listening carefully and understanding your career journey to date. With a single point of contact throughout the process, it will be easy to keep up to date with your application.

What our candidates say.

“KPP contacted me through LinkedIn after a recommendation from a mutual contact. The Consultant guided me through the whole interview process and gave me really useful tips on how to prepare for the interviews and what to expect. After each of them, I was provided with feedback from the interviewers and kept up to date throughout the entire process. After I got the job, KPP followed up to check that the relocation had gone well and to see how I was settling in to my new role – without a doubt, KPP made the process much easier.”

“I have had the opportunity to work with many recruiting agencies, but this one, KPP Search, did an incredible job. My Consultant really followed me, and guided me, through the process of joining the company he introduced me to. They gave me all the information necessary to properly prepare for my various interviews and gave me a lot of advice and tips to help me improve my profile – without which I may not have been successful. I would definitely recommend that all applicants and companies work with KPP Search – I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

“From the introductory phone call, I knew I was in good hands with KPP. I instantly had the feeling I was being treated as a person and not just a statistic.

My appointed liaison really took the time to learn about me and what exactly I was looking for in a new career/company, which he used to find me a suitable match.

They kept me informed at every single step of the process, letting me know when I had interviews, ensuring the timing matched my schedule (giving me options) and following up with me after the interviews. If I had questions, they were always readily available and were very knowledgeable about the hiring process, which put me at ease – they clearly knew their client well. 

I have heard horror stories about recruitment firms, but if they all had the knowledge, experience and friendliness of KPP people would be more inclined to use them.”

Finding talent for great employers.

We focus on finding, shortlisting and helping you select the most appropriate candidates for your roles. We take the time to understand your expectations and ambitions for the role, listening to what will help your company to move forward.  Matching candidates to your opportunities is our prime motivator – as we want you and your new hire  to thrive.  And whilst the role is central, we take the time to understand the business context and future challenges you may face – and advise accordingly. Briefing us is the first step.

A partnership approach.

That we have portfolio of high quality, economically significant companies who have chosen to partner with us is not a coincidence. We work hard to build lasting relationships that find the most appropriate talent and “fit” for your roles.

We care about our collaborations, always trying to think ahead for our clients – calling on our experience to improve the quality of every aspect of your search for the right candidates.

Employer process - what you can expect


Explain the responsibilities & requirements of the role.

2. Search:

The job is added to our Job board whilst we research the market.

3. Shortlist:

We present a shortlist of the most suitable candidates

4. Interview:

You hold interviews to explore the talent available.

5. Contract:

The fine detail of the offer.

A single point of contact throughout

We appreciate clarity and transparency. Whilst our process is straightforward, our aim is to get the very best talent for your role – by listening carefully and understanding your company’s objectives. A single, designated, point of contact throughout the process enables you to keep up to date with applicants.

What our clients say.

“It is relatively straightforward to identify candidates who are technically well qualified for the positions we are attempting to recruit for. It is substantially more difficult to identify candidates with the right inter-personal skills and who have a strong motivational fit in terms of their career goals. KPP has developed a strong understanding of our needs as an employer and consequently only puts forward those candidates who they consider will be successful. This ultimately results in a significant saving in my time. Their judgment is excellent.”

“KPP was instrumental in the build-up of our Internal Audit function in Germany. KPP demonstrated speed, perseverance, and clear understanding of our Internal Audit profile requirements. They also have a significant talent pool to source from and are experts in the audit, controls, and risk management fields which improves the speed and quality of the recruitments made. KPP was pro-active, professional, and reactive in the search process and interacted well with our Internal Audit and HR hiring managers to identify the right talent. With KPP support, we were able to successfully build-up our Internal Audit team.”

“I am very impressed with the professional quality and personality traits of the KPP team. KPP are strategic thinkers and planners, they have demonstrated strong professional sensitivity and industry knowledge. The service provided is seamless and timely, and the team are informative and helpful. KPP are dedicated and committed; in particular, they go above and beyond to work around the difference in time zone with Asia, North America and UK. KPP search are thorough and follow through well.” 

“We have been working with the team at KPP over the last 5 years. I must say the experience has been no less than phenomenal from our side, they are without a doubt our preferred talent partner. The KPP team is very personable and takes a simple approach to discovering talent. KPP has the ability to understand our needs, find the right match for us and they do it all in a very prompt manner, that is what differentiates KPP from other talent agencies. They have brought to us a great quality team!” 

The company we keep