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soft skills audit

Beyond the Numbers: Soft Skills in Audit Excellence

In the world of audit excellence, soft skills play a pivotal role alongside technical prowess, shaping the effectiveness and impact of auditors. While technical competencies are crucial for working on complex financial systems and regulatory frameworks, soft skills are equally indispensable for nurturing collaboration, communication, and critical thinking within audit teams.

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KPP leadership spotlight

KPP Leadership Spotlight with Thierry Gagliano

Thierry Gagliano has had a wealth of experience in his career and was Vice President of External Audit, Risk Management and Compliance until June 2023. Having completed a Master’s degree in financial Markets in 1991, Thierry also attained a Business School Degree focusing on Business & International Trade. These educational accomplishments equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of financial markets and a solid foundation in business and global trade practices.

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video interview

How Video Calls have Improved the Internal Audit Interview Process

Video interviews have undoubtedly simplified the interviewing process for internal audit roles. Through enhanced remote screening, efficient evaluation of technical skills, seamless collaboration with remote teams, behavioural assessments, and an improved candidate experience, video interviews have revolutionized internal audit recruitment.

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career thriving

How to Advance Your Career in 2023

KPP Search specialise in placing talent in audit, risk and compliance to help you advance in your career. If you’re looking to boost your career in 2023, we have some expert tips and strategies to help you succeed.

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people working in audit

Why Choose a Career in Audit, Risk and Compliance?

A career in audit, risk and compliance can be a highly rewarding and fulfilling choice for individuals who have an interest in ensuring that organisations and businesses operate in a responsible, ethical, and compliant manner. There are several reasons why one should consider a career in this field, which are discussed here.

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