Leadership Spotlight with Jorge Bulleraich, Group Head of Risk and Internal Audit at Origin Enterprises PLC

Jorge Bulleraich is the Group Head of Risk and Internal Audit at Origin Enterprises PLC. His career has no doubt benefited from the CPA + Degree in Business Administration, which he studied at Buenos Aires Catholic University.

Jorge’s career has progressed with years of experience in several key corporate companies over time. He joined Deloitte in Argentina when he was partly qualified and after 5 years enjoying high level work experience in his first role, he moved to Belgium and worked with DHL. Jorge continued and had 10 successful years under his belt with DHL, progressing to the pinnacle role of Head of the EMEA Internal Audit team.

In 2020, Jorge joined Delhaize Group as Chief Audit Officer and CFO in Belgium for the last 3 years. He currently lives in Ireland and is working for Origin Enterprises as Head of Risk and Audit.

Jorge has always enjoyed working with different people from different places and cultures. He strongly believes that his roles in audit, risk and finance is absolutely essential for organisations to succeed in the marketplace.  Developing people and enjoying the international aspects of the job are significantly important also big motivators for him.

In his career, there’s never been such thing as a typical day in his role. His tasks and responsibilities vary daily with speaking with stakeholders (executive management or the audit committee), working with his team on ongoing advisory and assurance projects or visiting sites to understand the business and operational risks.

He says that a key point for this type of career is knowing that soft skills such as negotiation, communication, assertiveness are actually more important than the technical aspects of the job. Jorge believes that his profession is more to do about challenging the value it brings to the business or to the organisation in general. It’s also extremely important to embrace technology very early on.

“If you to exceed your profession, then critical thinking, passion for the business, curiosity and empathy are the most important skills…”

Jorge believes that successful employees will show resilience, patience and the capacity to detect business opportunities. They must also understand root causes of problems that arise.

When we asked what impact Covid-19 had had, Jorge stated that it had very limited impact. We are an essential business and have the technology for support functions to operate remotely. There were more learnings in areas like business interruption and crisis management, but otherwise daily practice remained steady.

Jorge considers that the biggest innovation in this industry is anything to do with communications and technology which enables people to work together internationally and be able to analyse large amounts of data together. He sees that a main game changer and an emerging trend is a completely different concept of employee loyalty. There is an emphasis on the importance of sustainability and the role of AI in our day-to-day work. He expresses that common misconceptions in his profession is that internal audit is police or 100% compliance related.

The most recent book Jorge has read is Anarchy, State and Utopia by Robert Nozick and he says his most used app on his phone is Google Maps.

When we asked what advice he would give those aspiring to achieve their goals in this field, he confidently said; “be passionate about what you do and why you do it.  Allow yourself to be positively surprised by people.”

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