Job change

Ready for change?

Stretching professional challenges, greater responsibility, sector specific experience – these reasons (and more) are often given by applicants for a change of role. The reality can be more nuanced and complex, as the articles on this page reveal. That we offer significant opportunities in some of the world’s most interesting cities undoubtedly adds to our candidates’ motivations.


Johannesburg to Paris

“KPP Search found me my dream job in my dream location… what more can I say? Moving jobs, let alone moving countries, is a big deal but the professionalism and friendliness of KPP allowed me to place my trust in them. I could tell that they had my best interests at heart and I could always rely on them for advice. They were transparent, honest and open. Their communication was fantastic, checking in with me and keeping me updated throughout the process. They were also excellent at ensuring that my new employer and I were communicating, and KPP were heavily involved even as I arrived in France. In short, the service was outstanding and I recommend KPP to all my friends and contacts.”   


Istanbul to Amsterdam

“KPP Search helped me to make the switch client-side, with an international relocation to boot. From the first contact, they were friendly and transparent. They informed me about every step of the process, the possible outcomes and the honest feedback from my now employer. Their excellent communication, together with their to-the-point tips gave me a lot of confidence during the interview process and were, I am sure, a significant help. The best part is that once I was offered the job, KPP delivered the news like a close friend – I felt that they were as happy about the news as I was. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the service that I received from KPP and am thoroughly enjoying life in Amsterdam.”


Montevideo to Brussels

“I was very pleased with KPP and how they managed the process through the different stages of my recruitment. Firstly, after registering, they provided me possible job opportunities, all of which were in line with what I was aiming for and completely relevant to my field of expertise. Secondly, their ability to construct strong relationships with both clients and candidates alike, and their openness in providing accurate information about the opportunities that they are presenting, really sets KPP apart. The whole process went very smoothly and relatively quickly not only had I signed a contract for a good position in an excellent firm but I had also fulfilled a long-held ambition to live and work in Europe.” 


Houston to Berlin

“I was looking to advance my career, and experience working abroad, and KPP have enabled me to do both. KPP approached me and I was impressed at the level of detail and how they were able to answer all of my questions. The first conversation was the beginning of a recruitment process lasting three months that I would not have been able to get through but for the help of KPP! Throughout the process, they were always there to answer any questions I had and help me prepare for the interviews. They knew which areas I should focus my preparation on, and what was likely to be covered in my interviews – there were five interviews in total and the support I had received beforehand was invaluable. I was so pleased with the recruitment process and so pleased with the job offer that I secured with KPP’s help. Perhaps most importantly of all, I really felt that KPP cared. They were professional but also acted like a friend and confidant. I knew I could trust them and they managed to make the process a lot less stressful than it might have been: I highly recommend KPP.”

Why employers partner with KPP?

With an innate understanding of the niche areas of audit, risk and compliance, we are adept at finding quality talent that makes a difference – both to your existing team and to your business.  As the articles here testify, we make time to understand the kind of candidates you need – rather than just taking the brief. Transparent, inquisitive and experienced, we stand ready to help.

“It is relatively straightforward to identify candidates who are technically well qualified for the position we are attempting to recruit for. It is substantially more difficult to identify candidates with the right inter-personal skills and who have a strong motivational fit in terms of their career goals. KPP has developed a strong understanding of our needs as an employer and consequently only put forward those candidates who they consider will be successful. This ultimately results in a significant saving in my time.”

Head of Audit

“I am very impressed with the professional quality and personality traits of Lee and the KPP team. KPP are strategic thinkers and planners, they have demonstrated strong professional sensitivity and industry knowledge. The service provided is seamless and timely, and the team are informative and helpful. KPP are dedicated and committed; in particular Lee went above and beyond to work around the difference in time zone with Asia, North America and UK. KPP Search are thorough and follow through well.”

Investigations Director, APAC
“We have been working with Paul and KPP over the last 5 years. I must say the experience has been no less than phenomenal from our side, they are without a doubt our preferred talent partner. The KPP team are very personable and take a simple approach to discovering talent. KPP has the ability to understand our needs, find the right match for us and they do it all in a very prompt manner, that is what differentiates KPP from other talent agencies. They have brought to us a great quality team!” 
Director, Global Audit