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About KPP Search

KPP Search is a specialist recruitment business delivering solutions across three main disciplines: Audit, Risk Management, and Compliance. Headquartered in London with an Asian-Pacific office in Sydney, our coverage extends globally, with expertise focused on international assignments and those that require relocation.

By employing in depth expertise across these specialist disciplines, KPP delivers a bespoke, knowledgeable and personal service to its customers. Due to our relatively small size and specialist approach, we never compromise on quality.

Our Story

KPP was founded in 2012 by Paul Edwards. The motivation was to provide a service vastly improved to that which Paul has witnessed in the industry to date. 

The key to doing this was to focus on the longevity of the relationships and partnerships. Paul recognised that this niche sector required a differentiated, specialised approach. Ultimately, Paul wanted to create an environment where all Consultants were aware of this, and tailored their approach accordingly. 

KPP is pragmatic and realistic, value adding, with a more advisory approach rather than just being “CV pushers”. With an international presence and global reach, KPP has the strength of a quality network and a proven track record.

The Sydney office was established to service the APAC time zone, which in turn enables KPP to assist clients on all continents effectively.

As a specialist recruitment company KPP is rather selective about their own consultants – with character always coming first. They look for honesty, humility and people who will stick with the task.

With placements made in over 20 different countries, KPP facilitates international secondments and movement between the London and Sydney offices.

KPP has a now longstanding tradition of purchasing an antique map for each new city where a placement is made. The map has to be absolutely genuine and more than 100 years old. The rapid growth of the collection shows no sign of abating!

Meet the team

Just between us, we are rather choosy about who joins KPP Search. Whilst experience, motivation and an effortless telephone manner are important, the ability to pull together as a team, achieving quality outcomes for candidates and clients is essential. Discover more about every team member by clicking on their Linkedin profile icon.

Our values.

We believe that our values define who we are, what we do, and how we do it. They form our business principles, code of conduct, and company ethics. They make us the best at what we do.


We endeavour to work alongside our clients as more than just suppliers.
We believe in the value of partnership, and will align ourselves with our clients in order to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.


KPP understands that our role is more than just providing a successful candidate. From initial contact to beyond successful placement, we invest time in ensuring our candidates and our contacts feel supported at every stage.


If our quality dips, so does our reputation. Our business is built on reputation.


Recruitment is an industry that deals with people, not products. Understanding people’s unique circumstances is fundamental in ensuring that both a job and person are right for each other.


We don’t look for a quick fix. Our solutions are designed to stand the test of time, with a view to provide people with careers, rather than just a new job.


Quite simply: we aim to be the best.

The company we keep